A no-nonsense, no pills, no points, no charts, no gimmicks way to lose weight.

You eat your favorite foods, avoid diet foods and yet still lose lots of weight, leading to improved health and a BOOST to your morale.

If you want to control your weight but don't enjoy exercise or diet foods etc. then this is a diet for you.

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If you have tried dieting and failed, or if you want to try to diet for the first time, then you need a diet that you can believe in but more importantly you need a diet that you can understand.

 The Birchall Diet does not use any gimmicks, charts, calculations or gadgets. It relies on a very powerful and intelligent piece of equipment that we all have,



Many diets are written by so-called "experts" who will tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how much to eat. This may be fine, but it misses one very important point.



Any diet that tells you exactly what to eat and when cannot possibly work for everyone, they may work for the "average" person, but I think that you may agree that there is no such thing as an "average person".


Even if these diets did work for the average person the "average person" will have some days that are anything BUT average !!!!

So how can any diet work for EVERYONE? Well to be honest many diets simple DON'T work for everyone!!!

So is The Birchall Diet any different and if so in what way?

It is VERY different in that it is a diet that YOU manage yourself, you rely on your body's own built-in mechanisms to control your weight, that way NOTHING is average, your body knows MINUTE BY MINUTE what to do. If you have a busy day it will behave differently to when you have a lazy day, quite naturally. So your body becomes the "Diet Expert" and it is tuned in to you and your day, not a chart or calculation designed for the "average person" having the "average day".

Our body is truly amazing, not only can it heal itself and even produce new life, but it can control its own development, including its own weight. We are going to take full advantage of this amazing ability and instead of listening to "experts" we are going to listen to our own body and the often misinterpreted signals that it issues naturally that control its own weight.


One of the most misunderstood signals we get from our body is the "hunger sensation". Most diets give you various ways of stopping you from feeling hungry by suggesting that you eat "diet", "low calorie" or foods with no "points" (i.e. pointless foods).

The Birchall Diet recommends the exact opposite. This diet encourages you to NOT try to find pointless ways of stopping the hunger sensation, because the hunger sensation is a clear indication that you are at that very moment in time, losing weight, so why stop it!!!

I believe that the basics of any diet should be around simply enabling you to eat less without it being torture.

The Birchall Diet helps you to eat less, but when you DO eat you eat EXACTLY what you feel like eating. Not only are diet foods not necessary, they are actively avoided. You MUST be able to enjoy your food or any diet will FAIL.

Exercise is not an integral part of The Birchall Diet and I believe that exercise is not necessary for you to lose weight. Exercise is VERY important and should be encouraged for health reasons, but it is simply NOT the best way to lose weight, especially if (like me) you can't "get into" exercise. If you can't or won't exercise then you can still lose that weight on The Birchall Diet.


There are (unfortunately) no guarantees, I do not believe that ANY diet can be guaranteed, but I am 100% convinced that if you follow the guidelines you WILL lose a LOT of weight and VERY easily. Most people lose around 2 to 4 lbs in the first week, but how much you lose is up to you. I lost 24lbs in 8 weeks without trying and everyone else who has tried it so far has had similar (or better) results. I found it so easy that I carried on and lost another 12lbs in the next 4 weeks and I didn't even feel like I was dieting.

Following The Birchall Diet meant that I could step up the weight loss whenever I wanted to and have a break from the diet when I wanted to, safe in the knowledge that I am now able to control my weight EASILY.

I don't expect you to believe every thing I say, most diets claim miracles etc. but I really do believe that this is a diet that works and is REALLY easy to follow. In addition to that I can tell MINUTE BY MINUTE when I am losing weight (explained in the book).

So please give it a try, the link to enable you to buy the book is on the menu.

Or buy from AMAZON UK HERE


Visit the forum and see what others have to say  The Birchall Diet Forum 


I will personally check the entries regularly and contribute every now and then, but please feel free to discuss any diet related topics you want and certainly let me (and others) know how you are getting on.


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